My name is Alexandra Patz, I am a New York city based artist who draws primarily at the American Museum of Natural History. I am known for my distinct colour palette of peach and purple (my two favourite colours), and my use of high quality markers. I’ve been drawing at the Natural History Museum for over 10 years, in a class run by Patricia Wynne. After going there for so long I have accumulated hundreds of drawings and decided to turn them into fabric products.

I discovered the website spoonflower.com, and I used it to make my first products. I started with just basic tea towels, but soon branched out to all sorts of other items ranging from cushions to baby books. Art has always been my passion since I was very little, and I now wish to turn it into my business. Please check my products page to see if there is an item you would like to buy. I also make custom orders if there is a particular animal you would like to order.